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Newest Pilot in the State of Florida

For at least a few minutes, I was the newest Private Pilot in the State of Florida, 1st Flight Lesson: 28JAN2012 1st Solo Flight: 19APR2012 Checkride passed: 20MAY2014 Total Hours: 62.2 Total Cost: One day I’ll go back and tally … Continue reading

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Weather, Nausea, and a New Runway! Oh, my!

Weather A cold front moved into South West Florida precisely when I wanted to fly on Saturday morning. As Skip and I were preflighting N3521Q, some nasty low clouds came in and we thought we might have to cancel our … Continue reading

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Lesson 2: Don’t fight the plane.

Today’s flying lesson was one chock full of experience. Last week we did the walk around together, this morning he held the book while I did most of the work, prepping myself for when I have to do the preflight … Continue reading

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MoGas Comes to FMY

Starting yesterday, there is a new fuel choice at my local airport, Page Field in fort myers. Automobile gas or more commonly know in the aviation world as Mogas is now for sale at FMY. At the time of this … Continue reading

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Local Team Wins Air Race Classic

The Air Race Classic held their annual women-only event this year celebrating 100 years of licensed female pilots. The racers had four days to complete 2157.68 nautical miles.

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