I was awarded a Flying Scholarship

In the Fall of 2012 the Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association (AOPA) awarded 4 scholarships, and they deemed me worthy enough to receive one!

Four different organizations sponsored the scholarships through AOPA. My sponsor was the respected aviation supply and academies company ASA. In addition to a check for $5000 to finish my Private Pilot training, they also flew me to Palm Springs California for their annual convention, AOPA Aviation Summit.

My first flight since my three-month hiatus was on October 20, 2012. I took my instructor, Skip Bentley, and got reacquainted with N3521Q, our flying club’s Cessna 172.

Let it be known that you too can get scholarships. The AOPA scholarship application and information can be found at http://flighttraining.aopa.org/ftscholarship

Here is the official AOPA press release about this year’s recipients.

You can read the article on me by AOPA writer Dan Namowitz here.

I also want to congratulate my fellow scholarship recipients:
Matt Metcalfe, winner of the Jeppesen Flight Training Scholarship from Guntersville, Alabama.
Emma Quedzuweit, winner of the Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarship
from Weimar, California.
Thomas Newman, winner of the Jimmie Allen Flying Club Flight Training Scholarship from Brighton, Colorado.

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2 Responses to I was awarded a Flying Scholarship

  1. Matt Metcalfe says:

    So how did your first flight back go? What did you work on? TAKE ME WITH YOU….

    It’s been a blast getting back to it here too. BTW, did you get the email about the RAF fly in over near Sanford? Talk to you soon.

  2. Steve says:

    I saw that in the AOPA release a couple weeks ago… just wanted to say congrats – and good luck finishing up your training!

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