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Have you ever looked up the sky and wondered how planes fly? Or are you a seasoned pilot and are curious about a new airport and what’s like to fly there? Searching the internet may turn out relevant results, but sometimes you have a specific question about a certain plane, or confused by a fundamental aerodynamic theory, but just can’t seem to find the answer using your favorite search engine.
You don’t have to have the ever lasting itch of not knowing, hoping you’ll run into the answer through your aviation studies or even worse just forgetting the question altogether.
There is a website that tailors to all questions related to aviation big and small. is a user centered site where you can ask and answer aviation questions. Registration is free and the questions and answers are searchable.
Some of the questions that users have already asked cover topics about FAA Regulations, Aviation Technology, and training for your Private Pilot Licence.

Free Aviation Headset
Until the end of September, you have the chance to win yourself a free headset by asking and answering questions. You get 100 points for signing up, 5 points for asking questions, 5 for answering, and 5 points if your answer is selected as best answer. The user in first place at the end of the month wins the headset.
Check it out

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  1. Joseph Kernan says:

    What was the meaning of C & D painted on barn roofs in the early days of aviation?


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