One Six Right: The Romance of Flying, a review

One Six Right: The Romance of Flying
Over the holiday weekend I had the chance to take in a highly recommended movie for those interested in General Aviation. One Six Right: The Romance of Flying.

This documentary, directed and produced by Brian J. Terwilliger, is an amazing piece of film that every pilot should watch at least once. The setting is at Van Nuys (VNY) in California, the busiest General Aviation airport in the world. From the moment I popped in the DVD, I was thrilled with the amazing videography and music that accompanies it. The piece includes interviews from a variety of  pilots like those who took their first flight lesson before the big war, and celebrity pilots like Sydney Pollack. The movie features incredible shots from the ground and air of beautiful planes and, a vast history of VNY, with vintage pictures and articles of the airport. The documentary also highlights the current state of general aviation and the demise of local airports nationwide.

Not having my license yet, I lived vicariously  through the stories and tales of the pilots. I loved every minute of the documentary, and many times I had to remind myself to keep my mouth close or I’ll catch a fly.

My wife being completely supportive of what I want do, saw the film with me, and enjoyed the interviews and areal beauty. She said, “I saw you in many of the pilots.” I’ll take that as a  sign that she can see the flying ace in me yearning to be born.

I may have rented this movie from Netflix, but I think this dvd just made it to my exclusive wish list. Weather you have 2000+ hours as a Pilot in Command or just perk your ear up slightly anytime a plane idles by, you will enjoy doing some couch flying with One Six Right.

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  1. Waner says:

    According to the wiki page on Sydney Pollack. After his death in 2008, “his body was cremated, and his ashes were scattered along the runway at the Van Nuys Airport in Van Nuys, California.”

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